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Network L2 Protocol Development Engineer

Astrome Technologies Private Limited

Astrome Technologies Private Limited

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Posted on Thursday, June 8, 2023

A communication system is incomplete without packet processing and network handling capabilities. Do you like working on network stack integration with Linux kernel for 5G environments? We have an opening just for you.

The job requirement is below -

  • Designing, developing, and debugging Software/Firmware and driver with emphasis on the MAC protocol layer for our proprietary wireless communication system used for Gigabit data transfer.
  • To be involved in the architecture and/or microarchitecture of various modules.
  • To work closely with cross-functional teams – hardware, software and product/test engineering etc. – in analyzing power, performance, HW/ SW interfaces, and re-usability of various modules.
  • Strong core skills in C/C++ programming, device drivers and embedded systems.
  • Understanding of the problems in wireless medium access and solutions
  • Knowledge of wireless stack, preferably 802.11 or Bluetooth; knowledge of wireless MAC, PHY and Radio firmware is a plus
  • Experience in the implementation of the following management protocols:
    • SNMPv3
    • Y.1731 OAM
  • Experience in the implementation of the following synchronization protocols:
    • SyncE
    • PTP (Precision Time Protocol) - IEEE 1588v2
  • Experience in the implementation of the following Layer-2 protocols:
    • VLAN (IEEE 802.1Q)
    • Queue-in-queue (IEEE 802.1ad)
    • L2 multi-port switching
  • Experience in the implementation of QoS protocols:
    • VLAN ID, p-bits, etc.
    • IPv4 TOS, DSCP
    • IPv6 traffic classes
  • Experience in working with different encryption/security protocols:
    • AES 256
    • RADIUS
  • Knowledge of Linux kernel and device driver, network protocols
  • Strong understanding of Hardware and Software development processes, integration, tools, and debugging skills.
  • Good understanding of interfaces and interconnects involving FPGA boards and interfaces like JESD, SPI, etc.

We offer great career growth, ESOPs, Gratuity, PF and Health Insurance.