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Engineering Manager - Data Governance



Software Engineering, Other Engineering
Posted on Saturday, July 8, 2023

What will you do? 🤔

  • This will be unlike any tech team you know — we are building an engineering culture. This role needs you to bring your leadership in helping us create more leaders.
  • You’ll work very closely with our technical leadership and be responsible for managing sprints, delivery timelines, and stand-ups.
  • You’ll act as a bridge between engineering, product, and business stakeholders across distributed teams.
  • You won't shy away from getting your hands dirty and will actively contribute to the architecture and code base of the product.
  • You are primarily responsible for helping the engineering team ship software that works as expected on schedule.
  • You will ensure that the right battles are fought when building the product, and that the right people in the team work on the projects that align with their strengths.
  • You will ensure that cross-function alignment happens on issues that involve more than one of the frontend, backend, and cloud teams in engineering.
  • You'll debug and reproduce production issues with engineers, and make sure that incident reports and root-cause analysis are documented.
  • You’ll be responsible for the growth, mentorship, and happiness of your team members.
  • You’ll actively geek out over relevant technologies in the data space, since you have to keep yourself updated on the trends in the data ecosystem.

What makes you a great match for us? 😍

  • You have been a tech startup founder or are an entrepreneur at heart. You understand what it really takes to build a strong engineering culture.
  • You have experience building and managing engineering teams from scratch or being in the initial engineering team of any startup.
  • You have knowledge of technical architecture and the latest technology systems gained by a hands-on approach.
  • You have impeccable communication skills and the ability to communicate complex ideas effectively. Strong listening skills are key to success in this role.
  • You do not wait for instructions and guidelines but believe in taking end-to-end ownership of things.