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Sr. Full Stack Engineer (Node, React & Postgres)

Blue Sky Analytics

Blue Sky Analytics

Software Engineering
Gurugram, Haryana, India
Posted on Monday, August 28, 2023

Blue Sky Analytics is a Indo-Dutch firm specialised in converting satellite data into environmental & climate intelligence for use cases in Climate Risk Analytics, Asset Monitoring and Carbon Markets for banks, financial institutions, insurance firms, corporates and players in the carbon market value chain.

In simpler terms, we:

  • Compile physical risk parameters into extensive climate risk analytics.
  • Digitally monitor construction of roads, highways, real estate assets, solar plants, transmission lines etc,
  • Digitally monitor deforestation, afforestation, changes related to health of forests, nature based carbon projects, or
  • also monitor global water bodies like rivers and lakes, predict floods & droughts,
  • monitor wildfires, area burnt, etc

We are a remote-first team (data scientists, Engineers, Sales & Marketing) based in Gurugram, Mumbai and The Hague, with teams also spread across India. Awarded for our innovation in Space/ Climate/AI & Data by Bloomberg, Forbes, Fast Company, MIT, Times, The Tech for Global Good, Space Oscars, and recently by World Economic Forum, Blue Sky Analytics is rapidly growing its client portfolio in Asset Monitoring, Climate risk and Carbon Markets, serving various global clients with high quality high resolution historical and ongoing monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) along with detailed climate risk analytics.

What will I be doing?
  1. Technical Leadership:
    • Provide technical guidance and mentorship to the backend development team.
    • Collaborate with the frontend lead to ensure seamless integration between frontend and backend components.
    • Drive technical discussions, code reviews, and ensure adherence to coding best practices.
  2. Backend Development:
    • Take a hands-on approach to backend development using Node.js and Express.js.
    • Design and implement RESTful APIs and GraphQL endpoints to support frontend functionalities.
    • Utilize Postgres, TimescaleDB, and PostGIS for efficient time series and geospatial data manipulations.
  3. Scalability and Performance:
    • Optimize backend systems to handle high volumes of environmental data and ensure exceptional performance.
    • Implement caching strategies and other performance-enhancing techniques.
  4. Database Management:
    • Oversee database design, setup, and maintenance for Postgres, TimescaleDB, and PostGIS.
    • Ensure data integrity, availability, and security within the databases.
  5. DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure:
    • Collaborate with the DevOps team to manage AWS resources, including lambdas, ECS, EKS, and Batchjobs.
    • Utilize AWS services like ECR and CodePipeline for continuous integration and deployment.
    • Work with the Data team to utilize SageMaker for data-related tasks.
  6. Team Management:
    • Lead and mentor the backend development team, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment.
    • Manage team resources, set goals, and conduct regular performance evaluations.
  7. Data Team Collaboration:
    • Work closely with the Data team, which predominantly uses Python and GDAL, to ensure seamless data integration and manipulation.
  8. Security and Compliance:
    • Implement security best practices to safeguard backend systems and user data.
    • Ensure compliance with relevant data protection and privacy regulations

What skills and experience do I need?

  1. Experience:
    • Proven experience (5 years) as a Backend Developer, with hands-on experience in JavaScript and Node.js.
    • Previous experience in a leadership or management position is highly desirable.
  2. Backend Technologies:
    • Proficiency in Node.js and Express.js for backend development.
    • Experience with Postgres, TimescaleDB, and PostGIS for database management.
  3. Cloud and DevOps:
    • Strong experience with AWS services, including lambdas, ECS, EKS, Batchjobs, ECR, and CodePipeline.
    • Familiarity with containerization and orchestration technologies.
  4. Communication and Collaboration:
    • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
    • Ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams.
  5. Problem-solving and Innovation:
    • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with a focus on continuous improvement.
    • Ability to innovate and implement new technologies to enhance backend performance.
  • Remote Work: You have the flexibility to work from home.
  • Embracing Open-Source Principles: We create a supportive community where you can utilise, engage, and collaborate on projects without restriction.
  • Comprehensive Healthcare Coverage: We provide comprehensive health benefits for you and your family, ensuring that you have peace of mind.
  • Biannual Retreats: We understand the importance of taking breaks and having fun. Our biannual retreats offer a great chance to relax, unwind and still be productive at work.