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Technical Support Engineer



IT, Customer Service
Pune, Maharashtra, India
Posted on Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Ecozen is a technology company, and through our solutions, we are building a smart and sustainable future. We believe technology and innovations have the power to bring change and we look to harness this power to build solutions that deliver impact to our customers, our people and our planet.

Our products have revolutionized the irrigation and cold chain industries, with path-breaking innovations in predictive analytics, motor controls, energy storage, AI & IoT modules and food tech. Our technological innovations are now set to disrupt the EV, financial services and asset management industries as well.

We bring these innovations to market fast. How are we so fast? We actively collaborate and trust each other. We listen to our customers and learn fast and unlearn even faster. We predict (create) the future. And most importantly we empower our people with the ability to decide.

Role Overview:

As a Technical Support Engineer/Executive, you'll play a pivotal role in ensuring comprehensive training and technical know-how dissemination across multiple stakeholders involved in the implementation, maintenance, and utilization of our solar water pumping systems. You'll be responsible for conducting training sessions, developing training materials, and providing ongoing support to ensure optimal performance and understanding of our products.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Training Delivery:

• Conduct hands-on and theoretical training sessions for service technicians, engineers, B2B clients, installation partners, and nodal agencies.

• Customize training modules to suit the audience's technical proficiency and requirements.

• Demonstrate system functionalities, troubleshooting techniques, and best practices for installation and maintenance.

2. Content Development:

• Create training materials, manuals, videos, and presentations to effectively communicate product features, updates, and technical specifications.

• Collaborate with the product development team to align training content with the latest product enhancements and innovations.

3. Support and Guidance:

• Offer continuous support and guidance to technicians/engineers in resolving technical issues through various communication channels.

• Address queries and provide technical assistance to clients and partners, ensuring a clear understanding of our products.

4. Feedback and Improvement:

• Gather feedback from training sessions and stakeholders to refine training programs and materials.

• Collaborate with relevant teams to relay suggestions for product improvement based on user experiences and challenges faced during installations or maintenance.


• Bachelor's degree in Engineering or a related field.

• 3+ years of experience in technical support or training role, preferably in the renewable energy sector.

• Proficiency in solar water pumping systems, their operation, installation, and maintenance.

• Strong presentation and communication skills, both verbal and written.

• Ability to adapt training content to suit different audiences.

• A proactive attitude with a problem-solving mindset.

• Familiarity with instructional design principles and training methodologies.

This role demands a blend of technical expertise, communication skills, and a deep understanding of our products. The Technical Support Engineer/Executive will act as a bridge between our technology and its effective utilization, ensuring stakeholders are well-equipped to maximize the potential of our solar water pumping systems.