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Data Analyst



IT, Data Science
Posted on Thursday, December 29, 2022

You will have amazing opportunities to:

  • You will handle and produce eFishery Product Metrics and Analytics for Product Development. In that case you will discuss and serve Product People with good analytics and data governance, develop dashboard and alerts for helping Product Aware with their Growth and Usage.
  • Helping Product decide which features/problems should be tackled. In detail:
    - Iteratively develop and improving ProdDev metric dashboards with new insight or reports
    - Delivering Product Insight and Analytics in text or presentation.
    - Working with fellow Data Engineer, Software Engineer and Product People for giving impact on business
  • Execute to success through lean weight planning, attention to detail, effective product metric choosing and efficient decision-making

Requirements :

  • SQL Query, Data Modeling, bit of statistics
  • Ever used Metabase or Tableau, Know Jupyter Notebook, Ms.Excel friendly
  • Degree not mandatory, experiences on projects or data analytics
  • Curiosity is a must, talkative and teamwork player
  • At least have handled data analytics projects
  • Professional licenses accreditations and certifications kaggle account