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Head of Business Strategy & Project Management



Posted on Monday, August 28, 2023

You will have exciting opportunities to:

  • Designing and applying appropriate project management standards
  • Managing the production of the required deliverables
  • Planning and monitoring the project
  • Adopting any delegation and use of project assurance roles within agreed reporting structures
  • Preparing and maintaining project, stage and exception plans as required
  • Managing project risks, including the development of contingency plans
  • Liaison with program management (if the project is part of a program) and related projects to ensure that work is neither overlooked nor duplicated
  • Monitoring overall progress and use of resources, initiating corrective action where necessary
  • Applying change control and configuration management processes
  • Reporting through agreed lines on project progress through highlight reports and end-stage assessments
  • Liaison with appointed project assurance representatives to assure the overall direction and integrity of the project
  • Maintaining an awareness of potential interdependencies with other projects and their impact
  • Adopting and applying appropriate technical and quality strategies and standards
  • Identifying and obtaining support and advice required for the management, planning and control of the project
  • Managing project administration
  • Conducting a project evaluation review to assess how well the project was managed
  • Preparing any follow-on action recommendations

The keys to your success:

  • Bachelor degree

  • Minimum 7 years experience in the related field

  • Proficient in English (oral & written)

  • Have experience and knowledge about retail sales process & sales data analysis

  • Basic Salesmanship

  • Territory Management

  • Distribution Concept