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Financial Development Associate



Accounting & Finance
Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Job Descriptions:

  • Responsible for understanding and analyzing the company's financial reporting process and the ERP system used
  • Identify and analyze weaknesses or problems in the financial reporting process, and provide recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of financial reporting
  • Develop and implement effective business models and financial strategies in the financial reporting process
  • Understand BPMN or other modeling related to the company's financial business processes


  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting or related field with at least 2 years work experience in finance or accounting
  • Have a strong understanding of financial information systems and related technologies
  • Able to do a good analysis of the financial reporting process
  • Able to work together in a team and understand project management (Sprint/Scrum)
  • Have good communication skills, in the form of written documentation, oral presentations and making presentations
  • Able to adapt quickly to changes and have independent time management skills