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Linköping, Sweden

energy & environment
C. 21–50

Organic solar cells from Epishine are here to revolutionize low-power electronics by making them self-powered. The solar cells have market-leading high and reliable performance and with their thin and flexible design, they can be integrated in devices more easily than ever before. Our unique roll to roll process enables resource efficient production of our innovative organic solar cells. The patented process eliminates short circuits which enables our high and reliable performance. Roll to roll processes are energy efficient, easily scalable, and leave a small ecological footprint. As a result, the product has a short energy payback time and uses a minimum amount of materials. When designing an application for light, the most important criteria is that the design must be adapted to the lowest measured output of the module, that’s why a sometimes high performance doesn’t suffice. Epishine’s solar cells’ performance is both high and even through measurements.

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