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Chief of Staff, COO



People & HR, Operations
Accra, Ghana
Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2024

Learn About Farmerline

Farmerline is dedicated to reimagining how the world thinks about and invests in the livelihoods of small-scale farmers. Our mission is to create lasting profits for farmers everywhere. We approach challenges with bold and systemic thinking while maintaining a lean and nimble operation.

Farmerline, founded in 2013, has been a fast growing Agtech company in Africa. The company has raised over $20 million since incorporation. Farmerline’s digital marketplace combines logistics, field agents, farm resources and agribusiness partnerships to support African farmers. We have reached 2.2M farmers by deploying our tools and services through 3,000+ strategic partners across 48 countries.

Impact assessments show that averagely we increase yield by ~2X and $306 increase in net income. Our technology platform Mergdata is licensed or white labeled to development partners, global food traders and governments who use its customisable tools to improve the lives of farmers around the world

We foster a learning organization where you will have the opportunity to apply your ideas and creativity to solve problems on a daily basis. If you are drawn to a dynamic, collaborative culture, set high standards, and tackle challenges with determination and to make a positive impact on millions of lives, Farmerline is the perfect environment for you to thrive.



Job Title

Chief of Staff

Department and Location

Office Of the COO

Incumbent Supervisor


Suggested start date


Role Overview

The Chief of Staff, as a Management Executive role, is an influential role that will contribute to the company's effective functioning by providing strategic guidance and advisory, operational oversight, and facilitating communication and decision-making at the highest level. The Chief of Staff's responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks that will make the office of the COO run efficiently.


  • Assist the COO in making informed decisions, managing operational tasks, and overseeing projects.
  • Facilitate strategic agenda planning, track progress towards company goals, and ensure follow-through on the part of key players.
  • Coordinate the execution of strategic initiatives and ensure that business functions are aligned with organizational goals.
  • Serve as a liaison between staff, executives, senior leaders, and the COO, regarding project updates, proposals, and planning.
  • Oversee the preparation and facilitation of operational reviews and meetings.
  • Handle the flow of information to and from the COO to ensure transparency and efficient communication.
  • Manage the COO’s priorities, ensuring that their time is focused on critical, business-driving activities.
  • Streamline operational processes and workflows to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Support the COO in external commitments related to the business, including service on external boards, committees, and other groups.

Confidentiality and Discretion:

  • As a key confidant to the COO, the CoS handles sensitive information, maintains strict confidentiality, and exercises discretion in dealing with critical matters.

Required Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in Business Administration or similar field
  • Minimum of 3 years of proven experience in a project/account management role
  • Experience in the crops or commodities market/industry
  • Experience working in African countries (for international applicants)
  • Excellent communicator in written and verbal form
  • Extremely versatile, dedicated to efficient productivity
  • Strong project reporting skills, with a focus on interdepartmental communication
  • Knowledge and experience in agribusiness operations is a plus
  • Bilingual (spoken and written French)