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Head of Aftersales

Hydrogen Vehicle Systems

Hydrogen Vehicle Systems

Sales & Business Development
coventry, uk
Posted on Tuesday, June 20, 2023

​Job Summary:

The Head of Aftersales is responsible for strategically managing and coordinating all aspects of the aftersales market for heavy commercial vehicles. This includes researching and identifying suitable service providers, ensuring compliance with regulations, managing parts supply, overseeing maintenance and repairs, handling warranty claims, and coordinating training initiatives. The role requires close collaboration with various teams, such as Procurement, Sales, Marketing, and Engineering, to align aftersales services with customer needs and product specifications.


Research and Identify Service Providers:

Conduct comprehensive research to identify appropriate service providers in the aftersales market for heavy commercial vehicles.

Evaluate potential providers for maintenance and repair services, compliance, parts supply, breakdown and recovery, and, if applicable, tire management.

Identify training providers for Hydrogen vehicle training and compliance.

Collaborate with Procurement:

Liaise with the Procurement team to determine service levels, warranty requirements, and other key considerations for technologies and components.

Collaborate on shaping aftermarket requirements, including training programs and stock holdings.

Coordinate with Sales and Marketing:

Work closely with the Head of Sales and Head of Marketing to understand end-user requirements and align the product service offer accordingly.

Facilitate the rollout of trial vehicles, provision of H2 fuel, development of service collateral, and driver training programs.

Collaborate with Engineering:

Collaborate with the Engineering team to gain a deep understanding of unique product specifications, safety regulations, and compliance requirements.

Ensure that aftersales services align with the product's technical specifications and comply with applicable regulations.

Manage Training and Collateral:

Identify and engage training providers to deliver Hydrogen vehicle training and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Oversee the development and distribution of service collateral, including manuals and diagnostics, to support efficient servicing and repairs