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Energy Manager

Smart Joules

Smart Joules

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India · Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Posted on Friday, May 5, 2023

Energy Manager

About Smart Joules

  • Smart Joules is a leader in energy efficiency services with a unique business model that delivers assured savings to its customers
  • It is an early stage agile, fast-growing company funded by some of the large investors like Asian Development Bank, TATA Capital, Sangam Ventures, Max Industries, Intelleventures, Mr.Saket Burman (Dabur Family), Mr. Nadir Godrej and 5 angel investors
    • Smart Joules has achieved
    • 35% reduction on total energy consumption across all its clients till date, equivalent to the annual consumption of more than 15 Lakh avg. Indian households
    • 1,13,254+ metric tons of annual CO2-eq. emissions reduction from existing projects
    • Saved more than INR 133 Crore of energy
  • Some of its clients includes renowned companies like Apollo, Fortis, CARE, KIMS, Aster, Amneal and LMW
  • It has presence across 25+ cities throughout India & 1 international partnership in Indonesia
  • Some Recognitions include: Champion of Change recognition from the Prime Minister's Office & Niti Aayog, 10+ National Awards from Ministry of Power & CII, International Award from German Energy Ministry, Multiple international grants and fellowships, 35+ media coverages
    • Business Offerings
    • JoulePAYS: Pay-as-you-save model offering guaranteed energy savings with 0 CapEx and 0 risk for existing buildings and factories
    • JouleCOOL: Cooling-as-a-service (build-own-operate-maintain-analyse-optimize) model offering sustainable, convenient, quality and economical cooling for new buildings
    • DeJoule: IoT platform technology with hardware and software to continuously identify and automatically eliminate operational energy wastage

Why should you be a part of Smart Joules?

  1. 4X Individual Growth: Very ambitious and goal driven management and team which targets to grow 318 times in next 7-8 years. If you are part of such a team, you will have to grow 4 times.
  2. Market Leaders: The market leader in their business segment in India and soon in the world
  3. Contribute to Environment: You contribute to the environment and society as a whole by being a part of journey to prevent 29 million tons of CO2eq emissions before 2030 by making energy saving simple, substantial and profitable for large buildings and factories
  4. Develop Entrepreneurial Skills: Empowers Each Team Member with a Sense of Ownership, Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit, Get Shit Done, Maintain a High Level of Transparency and Honesty, Be Passionate, Determined and Bold, Pursue Growth and Learning, Be Adventurous, Creative and Open-minded
  5. Develop Cross Functional Skills: You work across multidisciplinary teams and hence, develop your skills across various domains
  6. Stable Business: Although fast growing, Smart Joules is stable with revenue locked in for 7-10 years with highly credit-worthy clients for whom we create disproportionate ongoing value.
  7. Profitable: Company is profitable and more than doubled in last year. Moreover, in the COVID times also it gave increments to its employees.

About the Role: Energy Manager

  • As an Energy Manager in SmartJoules, you will monitor and manage the energy efficiency of the facility. You will also implement energy conservation measures and monitor the energy consumption, evaluate business decisions for sustainability, and look for ways to improve energy efficiency.
  • This is a role that will help shape the company’s path to achieving our vision of efficiently managing the largest number of Joules in India by 2025. Specific responsibilities will be reviewed periodically and collectively with top management.
  • Reporting Structure – Heads of Operations


Responsibility Areas Responsibilities
  • Responsible for imaging, piloting and spreading new ways to save energy and serve our clients in pursuit of our Mission and Vision.
Relationship Management
  • Providing meaningful opportunities for Site Energy Engineers and Site Electricians from various sites to interact with each other to build empathy and support.
  • Keeping client engineering teams updated and satisfied, and informed about their own contractual commitments towards Smart Joules
  • Managing site works of vendors and contractors.
  • Conduct and/or help the Site Energy Engineer conduct small scale events and trainings on energy efficiency at client site
  • Ensuring all information used for billing and monthly reports are accurate and shared in a timely manner with the Central Services team.
  • Ensuring Smart Joules’ invoices are submitted on time and to the right people.
  • Resolving all queries of engineering teams related to billing and keeping continuous track of invoice movement within the client team until date of payment.
  • Ensuring Site Energy Engineers stay on top of their billing related responsibilities
  • Setting daily energy savings targets based on weekly and monthly targets given by Senior Managers and enabling Site Energy Engineers to achieve the intended results.
  • Executing periodic audits at our client sites to ensure our ECMs are performing as intended, and with the intention of discovering additional ECMs
  • Providing constant support to Site Energy Engineers to ensure end-use assets and systems are performing efficiently.
  • Take up the activities necessary to ensure achievement of the person-specific or department specific OKRs.
  • Managing execution of maintenance schedules prepared by Sr. Manager in coordination with Site Energy Engineers, contractors, vendors, and clients.
  • Handling inventory management at sites efficiently, ensuring the availability of critical spares.
  • Ensure the spares/consumables procured for maintenance activities are the best cost without compromising on quality.
  • Ensuring vendors are executing all works under AMCs and Warranties in a timely and high-quality manner.
  • Ensuring the data related to maintenance budget estimation is prepared and shared as and when required.
  • Ensuring the maintenance is carried out within the allocated budget.
  • Share all information related to critical breakdowns and client communication with the sr. management. Support the Site Engineers to address all breakdowns.
  • Presenting and explaining monthly reports to clients to help them appreciate our work.
  • Maintaining all site documentation as per Smart Joules’ standards.
  • Regularly documenting and sharing best practices and success stories from all sites with other Energy Managers and Site Energy Engineers.
  • Using DeJoule consistently and comprehensively to drive savings.
  • Coordinating with Projects, BMS and Analytics & Automation teams to execute onboarding and regular training programs for Site Energy Engineers and clients .
  • Ensuring Site Energy Engineers use DeJoule consistently and comprehensively.
  • Support in improving the BMS system features through regular use and feedback.
  • Contributions to regional planning in line with our goals and plans.
  • Coordinating with the HR department for recruitment and induction of high-quality Site Energy Engineers and Energy Managers for our team. Helping with induction programs of other team members in Smart Joules, as needed.
  • Mentor and help the SEEs in undergoing training and technical development. Ensure the SEEs attend the training sessions organized by Smart Joules.

Skills & Experience Required

Skill & Behaviour /Experience required Requirement Detail
  • At least 5 Years of experience in operations and maintenance in commercial buildings
  • Some experience with operations and maintenance of central air conditioning systems.
Education Bachelor’s Degree (Mechanical & Electrical Engineering)
  • Capable of making basic energy calculations.
  • Basic computer skills (Web Search, Email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) including document preparation.
  • Must speak English or Hindi (preferably both) and the local language spoken at their site location
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