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Senior Software Engineer (frontend)



Software Engineering
Remote · Helsinki, Finland · Remote
Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2024
Twice is on a mission to make commerce more sustainable. We provide merchants with a commerce platform that removes friction and complexity from running circular business models under their own brand.

The product team is responsible for building the core platform product - a reliable, performant, easy to use solution, that thousands of merchants trust to run their business every day, with millions of consumers served every year.
As an experienced Senior Software Engineer with frontend focus at Twice Commerce, you play a pivotal role in a cross-functional product development team, serving as a key leader and influencer in software engineering. You build scalable and maintainable functionalities both for internal and external use, and improve the overall quality of our technical systems and processes. You have vision, strong opinions and an instrumental role in elevating our entire organization and grow with it.

This senior-level individual contributor position requires a proven track record of impactful contributions to software engineering projects in fast-paced organizations.
Examples of things you'll do
  • Have a key role in defining the product's strategic direction and the development of key features, collaborating closely with engineers, designers, and product management.
  • Build core functionalities to the system: you might build performant and easy-to-use back-office UIs, beautiful and customizable online storefronts, and occasionally tap in to our backend services to implement the things you need on the frontend
  • Design high-level frontend architecture and improve our component library and design system, and systemize your frontend expertise into well-documented building blocks that other engineers can take advantage of
  • Bring in your technical know-how and foster a culture of knowledge sharing within the team, improving our ways of collaborating and building world-class products
  • Actively participate in code reviews, keeping a high bar for code quality, and giving feedback to your peers to help them grow. You prioritize unblocking teammates by understanding and addressing their needs promptly.
  • Tackle performance challenges, by for example refactoring unscalable React code or re-designing views to reduce unnecessary data-fetching, and diving into the browser devtools and other system metrics to understand why something is slow
  • Put on a DevOps hat from time to time, and improve the productivity of everyone in the team by improving our existing tooling and implementing new things as needed.
  • Choose the best tools for what you are building, and actively improve the existing codebase and tech stack by leaving it in better condition than when you started.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest programming tools & APIs, frameworks and best practices, share your learnings with the team in our demo sessions and take initiative in helping us adopt them at scale
  • Participate in our on-call rotation (during regular working hours) roughly every two months to monitor system alerts and support our Customer Success team with users' technical challenges. Fully focus on building software without distractions when you are not the one n call.
  • Anticipate technical challenges on the horizon, discuss strategies with peers, and initiate corrective measures for future readiness.
What we expect from you
  • You have (substantial) experience being the senior engineer in a team, including in lead roles where you are responsible for the outcomes.
  • You have vision, strong opinions and proven impact in elevating teams and organizations.
  • You are a proactive team player: you share your know-how with the team, review other’s code, help unblock your team members, mentor and elevate them in their work
  • You communicate fluently in English, both written and verbal
  • You thrive in a high-growth environment
  • You work mostly in EET time-zone
We’re also very excited if you have
  • Experience with any/several of: e-commerce platforms, payments integrations, component libraries, accessibility requirements, SSR frameworks, animations and motion design
  • A passion for and understanding of good UX, and the ability to make design decisions independently
  • A good understanding of the full web development stack + ability to support in backend work. Previous experience with Node.js / Postgres and other backend tooling is considered a big plus.
  • An insistence on quality - you are never satisfied with “OK”, and are not afraid to demand the same also from your teammates
  • Previous experience working in a startup/ scaleup environment
Our tech stack
  • Strict-mode TypeScript everywhere, also experimenting with e.g. Rust
  • Frontend: React (SPA / Remix) with MUI, Storybook, Framer Motion, Figma etc.
  • Backend: Node with Nest.js, TRPC, PostgreSql, Firestore, BigQuery, etc.
  • Infrastructure: Serverless, hosted on Google Cloud (Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, PubSub, etc.). CI/CD pipeline with automatic deployments and exhaustive test coverage.
You don’t need to know all of the tools beforehand, though!
What you will get by joining Twice
  • An experienced and motivated team
  • An environment where you will have a big ownership over your work, while getting the support you need from your peers. You can have a true impact over the product we build.
  • An opportunity to make a profound impact in unsustainable overconsumption and the climate crisis.
  • An interesting problem domain with many novel problems to solve
  • Flexible model of work, you can pick your own balance of remote/office. We know that hard problems are solved by rested minds and that everyone knows what’s their best place for working
  • We embrace individual ownership, practise a growth mindset and strive to elevate each other.
  • Great work/life separation. We believe in a quality over quantity of hours way of operating and in having a life outside of work.
  • 63-83k annual salary plus a meaningful amount of equity
  • Everyone is an owner and we offer a comprehensive occupational health benefit package (Mehiläinen Työelämäturva).
Apply for this job
  • Fill in the application
  • Attach a free-form introduction
Our recuiting process
1. Intro calls with Hannu (Head of Product) & Tuomo (CEO) - 25min x 2
  • Purpose: Determine mutual fit with the job description. Ensure a mutual match with the company, understanding the market opportunity, the company's growth phase, and alignment with the company mindset.
  • Location: Google Meets
2. Culture & People Interview - 50min
  • Purpose: Discuss Twice's operating environment, what currently works and what we want to improve, preferred ways of working, and culture. Let's discuss what you would like to bring to elevate our company culture.
  • Participants: Noora (People Ops) and Hannu (Head of Product)
  • Location: Google Meets
3. Technical Interviews - 45min + 90min
  • Purpose:
    • Discuss technical knowhow in higher level, get to know technical background, mutually screen if this might be a good fit technically.
    • Evaluate your subject excellence area (technical skillset) and learn about your proven impact so far. We will discuss real-life situations about our product and how you would go about the situations.
  • Participants
    • Tuomas (VP of Engineering & Advisor)
    • Hannu (Head of Product) and 2-3 people from our Product Engineering Team
  • We ask for references latest at this stage.
  • Location: Google Meets
4. Meet the Engineering Team
  • Purpose: Get to know team members you would closely work with
  • Participants: Entire Engineering team
  • Location: Twice Office
5. Decision (& Offer)
Learn more
At Twice Commerce, we empower merchants to enhance their bottom line through a transformative resale model. Our platform is engineered to amplify profitability by enabling businesses to sell items multiple times. This approach not only boosts revenue but also naturally aligns with sustainable practices—what’s good for your finances is even better for the planet.

We understand that the cornerstone of any successful business is its ability to generate income and growth. That’s why our suite of tools focuses first on maximizing profit through the resale of goods. The sustainable aspect isn’t just a bonus—it’s the smart way of conducting business in a world that values resourcefulness and responsibility.

Twice Commerce is a paradigm shift in commerce, where the lifecycle of products is extended, margins are increased, and environmental impact is reduced. We're not just facilitating transactions; we're fostering a movement where economic prosperity goes hand in hand with ecological stewardship.

Join us in leading the charge towards a profitable and sustainable future. With Twice Commerce, every sale is a step towards financial stability for merchants and a stride towards sustainability for all.
About us
Twice is on a mission to make commerce more sustainable. We provide merchants with a commerce platform that removes friction and complexity from running circular business models under their own brand.

The product team is responsible for building the core platform product - a reliable, performant, easy to use solution, that thousands of merchants trust to run their business every day, with millions of consumers served every year.