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Co-General Manager Position in California

California, USA
75,000 – 85,000 USD per year
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Our mission is to help restore kelp forests and, in turn, ocean health by removing and ranching overgrazing sea urchins, converting them into premium urchin roe (“uni”) to sell to top tier distributors, restaurants, and consumers globally.


Vibrant kelp forests are collapsing around the world, due to anthropogenic causes (i.e. overfishing of predators, warming ocean temperatures, and pollution) and turning into urchin barrens. These urchin barrens exacerbate the ecological imbalance to the detriment of other important native keystone species and can live in a restive state for decades while their bodies remain empty of any calorific or commercial value to predators and commercial fishermen, respectively. Urchinomics has validated globally that by harvesting empty barren urchins, stocking them into land-based RAS systems, and feeding them our proprietary feed formulation, we can produce premium quality urchin roe (uni) for human consumption within 8 weeks while restoring local kelp forests and the fishing economies that rely upon them.

The Ideal Candidate

We are looking for an entrepreneurial spirited candidate for the Co-General Manager role at our Port Hueneme site who has a high EQ and the skills to collaborate effectively with their Co-GM, whose main tasks will be supply chain partner relationship management, pilot and commercial scale system construction, PM, and repair and maintenance. The candidate should have the ability to assist in the construction and operation of a commercial RAS facility, help build a team, and develop the necessary infrastructure and systems to prepare for scaling up to large commercial scale within a relatively short period of time. We are looking for an individual who can work independently when needed, reach out and work collaboratively with the worldwide Urchinomics team or other outside experts when necessary, employ innovative thinking based upon prior commercial experience, and leverage industry contacts to find local solutions to problems that we face.

Qualifications and Responsibilities

Team and Site Management

Previous experience in Aquaculture.

Demonstrable experience at building and managing a team in a commercial aquaculture setting.

Work collaboratively with various stakeholders to achieve scalable supply chain protocols.

Development, maintenance, and regular reporting of accurate inventory and key biological parameter tracking.

Working with the sales group at extrapolating expected sales available over time and harvesting to fulfill those sales.

Development of routine system monitoring protocol such as water quality testing.

The expectation is that this position may have to work weekends or holidays to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the animals within the system.

Technical Expertise

Knowledge of commercial scale RAS systems to help optimize both biologically as well as economically current and future system designs.

The ability to troubleshoot system failures or shortcomings prior to impacting the animals and development of PM programs for the equipment as well as light repair as needed of the various components, whether electrical, mechanical, or piping.

Development of standard operating procedures and potentially helping to assist in the development of other sites and guiding these sites and their teams in their development and operation.

Scientific Process

Curiosity to imagine new systems, take those from idea to actual construction and operation in small scale test mode.

Experience with University research teams to define and solve specific issues.

Navigation of Regulatory Requirements

General understanding of the regulatory environment governing aquaculture, processing, and the sale of live and/or processed seafood within the U.S. Knowledge of the California regulatory framework is a plus.

Experience working with regulatory agencies and maintenance of a working relationship with these agencies or specific people within these agencies who can assist in this process is a plus.

Development of the necessary processing and logistics components for both live and processed urchin.

Your Qualities

You must be able to work in a highly collaborative environment.

You have a curiosity that drives your scientific process and motivates you to create a highly efficient operational standard.

You are a problem solver and can think outside the box.

You care deeply about the environment and want to see some big changes in the aquaculture space.

You are open to feedback from team members and/or push back for the sake of the company and building a strong, well-rounded operational process.


The initial rate of compensation can be expected to be in the $75,000–$85,000 range and grow quickly as the size of the operation scales.

A full benefit package.

Participation in a retirement plan.

Vacation and holidays.


To apply, please email cover letter and resume to Peter Struffenegger.

Deadline to apply is February 15, 2022.

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